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Sexy Romance has created a range of products that bring couples and singles new alternatives for their sex lives. Sexy Romance is about sensuality, lifestyle, sensations and glamour, and we understand what people search for to spice up their relationships.

Sexy Romance brings new concepts for people who may want to try something different with new sensations inspired by different cultures from exotic places around the world.

Our products are designed for people who understand what stimulates them and their partners. Sexy Romance products are specially formulated with skin-friendly ingredients which hydrate the skin in all parts of the body while enjoying the sensations and beautiful fragrances available for each product.

The aromas are reminders of real fruits and sweets which takes your experience to higher level. Your life will never be the same again after trying our aromatic products.

We continue striving for new ideas and concepts that will surprise you when you try them. You will be amazed with what Sexy Romance can do for you!

Sexy Romance sensual massage products provide the sensations that excite

Our sensual massage products are designed especially for people who are seeking new experiences for their romantic life, with ingredients that will enhance sensual pleasure for them and their partners

- Skin friendly ingredients ensure that you and your partner have the maximum comfort
- Aromatic products make sexy time smell even better
- Activates the erogenous zones creating additional excitement
- Improves sensual arousal when massaging all parts of the body
- Product aromas encourage partners to experiment with new and different pleasures
- Discover new ways of giving pleasure to yourself and your partner
- Get in the mood for a sexy massage any time and anywhere
- Products are just the perfect size to be carried in the purse, car or kept in your drawer See our products

Sexy Romance product categories

Sexy Romance products were created people who are seeking to add excitement and sensual pleasure in their relationships. A sensual massage is the ideal way that new lovers can discover the secrets of each others bodies. Long time partners can bring new excitement to sexy time by using a sensual massage to discover new ways to give each other pleasure.

We have three categories of products, all designed to enhance erotic foreplay through different sensual massages. Our product categories are listed below and products are described in more detail on the product page.

Massage gels

We make fifteen different aromas and sensations of massage gels that include five gels with a cooling sensation and ten gels that have a heating sensation. Both you and your partner will enjoy new and exotic massage sensations during foreplay.

Massage beads

We make seven different massage beads that have aromas and sensations to stimulate and excite. Sexy beads will heat up any relationship as they melt into the skin when massaged. Choose one of five aromas and two types of sensations.

Massage creams and syrups

We make a massage cream and a syrup pen that will add spice to a sensual massage. The massage cream can be used you excite your partners erogenous zones and the syrup is in pen format to facilitate application to your partners body.

New product launches for 2016

Feel the fantastic electric vibrating sensation of our new product; Sexy Vibe. This product provides you instant stimulation and it is formulated with skin friendly ingredients that will not only give you a lot of pleasure but also keep your skin soft and moisturized. Spray Sexy Vibe on the sensitive mucous parts of your body like the mouth or intimate parts to have extra excitement and pleasure. It's a great product to get you aroused quickly. Try one of any of the two aromas available: Throbbing Strawberry or Tingling Mint.

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